Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The importance of Handwriting...

taken from CTMH's blog...

The Importance of Handwriting in Memory Keeping

There’s something to be said about the beauty of a handwritten memory. With so much technology readily available, the art of handwriting has faded in today’s instant world. Instead of writing letters and keeping journals, we tend to opt for a quick email or text and a social media update. These communication and storytelling mediums have their purpose, but memory keeping is not always one of them.

Part of Your Identity

Is there anything more personal than handwriting? We all have a unique way of writing that, in more ways than one, expresses our personality. The way we dot our i’s and cross our t’s, our spacing between letters and words, and even the pressure we apply with the pen tells us something about who we are or what we may be experiencing in that moment. There are expressions and impressions that can be read from the way we carve each word. Were we thoughtful, happy, sad, tense, or enthusiastic? Readers connect with the honesty and vulnerability of handwritten memories. As we preserve our memories in our scrapbooks, handwriting is also part of the story. Even if it feels imperfect, it is an extension of ourselves that is important to include in the stories we preserve and share with others.
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Thoughtful and Intentional Journaling

Writing by hand tends to slow us down, forcing thoughtful and intentional words. Editing occurs less as we write, often making it a better reflection of our genuine self. Physically writing out a page of words takes more time and energy but it also engages our creativity. Handwritten journaling can show that we put more thought and effort into something that could easily be typed in less time, leaving a lasting impression on the reader. By writing our stories in our scrapbooks, we’re assigning greater meaning to our memories–moments that might otherwise get lost.


Handwritten memories become keepsakes. Consider old letters exchanged between your grandparents and compare them to text messages we send today. Which is a keepsake truly worth saving? The same goes with writing in cards, letters, journals, and scrapbook pages. The stories and memories saved in handwriting are more likely to get passed down from generation to generation and held tightly and close by those who admire and love us. Texting, emails, and social media are all signs of the times. It could be fun to screenshot a text conversation and scrapbook it. It is part of our lives after all, but typed words don’t evoke our personality the same way that handwriting does. Including it in our scrapbooks enhances the story and the value of the keepsakes we create.
Perfectly imperfect, writing by hand is an investment we make to share a piece of ourselves in the stories we tell for others. Whether you love your handwriting or can barely stand it, we encourage you to share this piece of yourself in your memory keeping—everyone who looks through your scrapbooks will be glad you did.
****I'd like to add that when I find my daddy's handwriting here and there, it's so special to me and brings back a FLOOD of memories...even more so now that he has passed away!****
I'm going to try and hand write more on my scrapbook pages instead of using the computer or my pretty pink typewriter!

Monday, January 22, 2018

Shimmery HELLO - Tool Time with H2H...

Welcome to this week's H2H Challenge featuring CTMH's Shimmer Brush

I've had the LOVE LETTERS and Chelsea Gardens on my scrap table for quite some time now so I decided to make a quick card and add some shimmer to the flower! I even added some vellum to soften up the Charcoal Polka Dot pattern and added a stamped sentiment from Bloom & Grow (the January SOTM) on the envelope...

I love that my sentiment was easy using left-overs from the LOVE LETTERS alphabet stickers...
And...I hope you can see the SHIMMER on these petals...it adds the perfect touch to a simple card! I added a Gold Pearl in the center of the flower to finish it off....
Here's a look at the inside...I left it blank for added a floral sticker from the left-over LOVE LETTERS stickers...it's the perfect touch, I think!

Thanks for stopping by...I hope you feel inspired to create with one of CTMH's Shimmer Brushes...they come in Clear (which is what I used), Gold & Bashful. If you create something, we'd LOVE for you to play along with our Challenge!

Head on over to the H2H Challenge Blog and see what everyone else created AND to link up your project!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Get organized in 2018...

taken from ctmh's blog...

Workspace Wonder™ Organization

January is a great time to start fresh, clean things out, and work on new goals. As you’ve been thinking about New Year’s resolutions, did anything on your list include adding more organization into your life? Maybe your closet or your pantry need some love, but don’t forget about your crafting space, too! Clear the clutter and make your space work for you with Workspace Wonder™, our customizable organization storage solution.
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The individual components of the Workspace Wonder line stack on top of each other in a variety of combinations, so you can mix and match the pieces to create a storage solution that’s perfectly tailored to your crafting style and space. And if your needs change, you can easily rearrange the pieces again to get the right fit for you. There are so many possibilities for stacking and storing—you’ll want to discover them all!
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Making sure everything has a place is so important. When things are put away and organized, it lets your mind relax, allowing your mental and physical space to be creative. Just having a room that is organized can help you be more creative while crafting (and who doesn’t want that!).
Tools, ribbon, ink pads, markers, and embellishments can all have the perfect home with the Workspace Wonder system. Do you have stacks of 12″ x 12″ cardstock that need to be put away? Stacked Workspace Wonder paper trays will help with exactly that. Top them off with a large tray and a marker stack or tool cubby for additional organization space.
Keeping your craft room organized can also be a huge time-saver, making your time more efficient. What happens when you can’t find that one ink pad or marker you need to finish a project? You spend time frantically searching your craft room, and sometimes even the rest of your house. Keeping supplies like ink pads organized with Workspace Wonder is easy! You can use stamp pad stacks on the carousel base and top. One swivel, and you have exactly what you need, no frustrating search required.
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Staying organized can be a challenge, especially when it comes to scrapbooking, cardmaking, and papercrafting, but it helps you be more productive and more creative. Organized space saves time when working on projects and reduces stress. Embrace the joy of an organized crafting space this year by using Workspace Wonder to keep all of your creative supplies in the perfect place.

****If you host a HOME GATHERING or FB PARTY, you can get some or all of this for 50% off with a qualifying order!!!***
Check out the details {{{HERE}}} or message me for more information and to book your PARTAY!!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Magical LOVE LETTER...

Have you been seeing the LOVE LETTERS offered by CMTH this month?!?!?!


But...I started with my initial and then went a little "magical" by adding a unicorn horn! 

My letter is made with everything that comes with the kit except the eyelashes and the horn which I used the You Are Here Cricut Collection and my Cricut Explore Air...the cartridge doesn't have a unicorn horn but it has this ice-cream cone that turned upside down and chopped at the base of the ice cream sure looks like a horn to me!

***kit does NOT come with adhesive...my adhesive of choice is CTMH's Liquid Glass...I used my regular scrapbooking adhesive (non-liquid) to adhere the letter to the chipboard base***

DON'T FORGET...these Love Letters are only available during the month of January...so hurry and get yours today!!!

These versatile letters can also be used together to spell out a whole name or word, which is why if you buy five letter kits, you can choose a sixth kit FREE!
You can also receive your choice of letter kit free by hosting a qualifying party in January or by signing up to be a Consultant!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

New Product Blog Hop...

Welcome to the NEW PRODUCT Blog Hop brought to you by CTMH Consultants excited to share their favorite NEW products!!!

If you've come from Darlys's Blog, you're on the right track...keep hopping around 'till you get back to where you started!

Now...time to see what new goodies I used!

It seems like Make Waves has had a permanent place on my craft table since I got it...no wonder with all the mermaids and pretty colors! Here's a look at the Make Waves - Scrapbooking Stamp Set

Here's a very simple (for me) card I made with an envelope to go with it!

I used several ShinHan Markers to add some color to the sentiment and color in the flower & leaves...
Don't you just LOVE that starfish patterned paper from the Make Waves Paper Packet...

Thanks for stopping by...your next stop to see FABULOUS NEW PRODUCT is Jean's Blog!

You can see more "Make Waves" artwork {{{here}}}....and if you don't have a consultant and want to get your hands on this fun and spunky new line from CTMH, click on any of the links above to take you right to the items listed!